DBSD Timeline is seperated into parts B.I [Before Italians] and A.I [After Italians]


Age 1000000000000 B.I

Italiano is born

Age 999999999999 B.I

Everything is created from Italiano

Age 499998212 B.I

Psyduck is born

Age 499998112 B.I

Waddles is born

Age 120 B.I

Corsola is born

Age 119 B.I

Helix is born

Age 1 B.I

Pizza (3rd son of italiano) is born

Spaghetti (4th son of italiano) is born


Age 1 A.I

Pizza and Spaghetti create first Italians

Age 2083 A.I

Kek is born

Age 2106 A.I

Cui is born

Pepe is born

Age 2107 A.I

Cuntis is born

Biggie is born

Golduck (The fucking ningen) is born

Gio,Mee6,Swanna and Aguya are possibly born

Age 2108 A.I

Kabutops is born

Age 2109 A.I

Karloh is born

Age 2118 A.I

Events of DBSD Manga 2 take place

2nd time machine is created

Age 2122 A.I

Gio and Aguya create 1st time machine

Age 2123 A.I

Psyduck attack's the earth

Age 2124 A.I

Events of DBSD Manga 1 take place

Events at beggining of DBSD Manga 2 take place