"i will make a judgement!"
-Italiano to Golduck before using Merging Erasure


Italiano, after being summoned by Golduck.

Italiano is a God (Italiano Type), motherfucking God, father of four children, lighto, Waddles, Pizza and Spaghetti, he posses incredible power, able to destroy whole universes with ease.

Appearance Edit

Italiano is short, skinny with a multicolored head and two little eyes. he warns a feet long robe with symbols on it and long sleeves.

Personality Edit

"2.Are you questioning my question?!"
-Italiano towards Golduck
Italiano seems pretty stoic, serious but also care-free most of the times he's ever seen, showing affection only towards his children, proof by the fact that he destroyed an entire timeline just so that he could save his son.

Power Edit

Italiano is incredibly powerful, his power is equal to that of lighto, Waddles, Pizza and Spaghetti combined, however, lighto's Poland Form and Waddles' True Form are implied to be a better match for Italiano's full power.

Techniques Edit

Merging Erasure Edit

Italiano is able to erase a set area while merging with the victim of this attack, effectively increasing his power and gaining all of the victim's attacks, knowledge, a bit of their personality and appearance.

Italiano Teleport Edit

Type: Teleportation

Rank: Super

Using the power of italiano he can teleport.