Golduck before Psyduck's attack

"Kabutops are you an..Admin?!"
- Golduck after Kabutops "bans" Ducklett
Golduck (The Fucking Ningen) is a Ningen (Duck Type) and main protagonist of DBSD Manga, he seems to have met Duck at some point before the invasion.


Golduck is a blue duck with messy hair which can spike up and white gi which has orange undershirt and yellow belt (Before Psyduck's invasion he doesn't have undershirt and has some weird shit on gi)


"It's too dangerous to give him any role."
- Waddles, when talking to Corsola about Golduck.
Golduck is a really dumb and naive Duck who doesn't like bad guys but in battle he becomes much more serious.


Golduck's power is heavily based on his Super Soul "Fucking Ningen" which gives XL boost to all stats but when your health is lower than 20% it drains your ki,stamina and health, using that Super Soul and teleportation techniques he forced Psyduck to do Fuck My Shirt No Jutsu!


Super Soul:Fucking Ningen

Gives XL boost to all stats but when your health is lower than 20% it drains your ki,stamina and health.

Last Duck

Type: Wave

Rank: Super

Fires an ultra powerful wave, can only be used once

First Duck

Type: Wave

Rank: Super

Fires a normal wave

Fucking Teleportation

Type: Teleportation

Rank: Super

Super fast teleport that could possibly outmatch Psyduck's Sharingan!

Summoning Jutsu:Italiano

Type: Teleportation

Rank: Ultimate

Golduck has a scroll in a button which summons italiano!


Type: LR

Rank: Ultimate

Deletes opponent from existence.


ARC 1 3

Biggie Golduck about to die by hands of Merged Psyduck

Golduck can use fusion technique together with Biggie Cheese to make Biggie Golduck.


  • Golduck's favorite food is hot ice cream (ice flavour).
  • Golduck's IQ is around 69
  • Golduck is 17 years old
  • Golduck is scared of Duck for unknown reasons, possibly hinting that they met at one point or another
  • His hobby is inserting PS4 discs into Game boy color